Why Agents of Shield Is Ending and Everything Else You Need to Know

It was recently announced that the hit Marvel TV show Agents of Shield is going to end after the seventh season. The reasons regarding the ending were not disclosed until now. The Marvel show was initially decided to be a five-part series, and that is why the last episode of Season 5 was named The End. The Shield team overcame their most significant threat and saved the planet from the claws of Hydra and Graviton. After the season ended Marvel was surprised that ABC had offered them another two seasons, although with a reduced number of episodes.

It was confirmed by Marvel that the series would be coming to an end after its seventh installment. They celebrated their overall success on the panel of SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) 2019. All of the show’s cast and crew were presented for their very last episode while this year’s comic con was going on. It was reported to be a tear-jerking moment for several members of the cast.

While many will speculate that ratings are the reason why Agents of Shield is ending, but it is not the case. It is not a massive hit if it comes to live audiences, but the show is known for being a hit DVR. According to Parrot Analytics, Agents of Shield is currently the most demanded Marvel TV series in the US. It is surprisingly among the top 0.03 percent of television shows. For a better sense of an idea, this sort of demand is only gained by series like Vikings, Better Call Saul, and Criminal Minds.

There was a meeting set when the president of ABC network, Channing Dungey, contacted Marvel for the seventh installment. Marvel said that they were flattered by the offer and it felt amazing, but if they were to say yes to the proposal, then it will be the final one. The offer allowed Marvel to end their show on their own terms, rather than being at the mercy of network. It could be possible that Marvel did not want Agent to Shield to suffer the same fate as its several Netflix’s shows. The shows were canceled by the network with the show still having many loose ends to tie up.

Agents of Shield is one of the few Marvel TV shows which have gone smoothly. Marvel originally intended the show to tie MCU’s loose ends, but the show went off on its own after 2015. The series has exceeded every expectation anyone could have had, and now Marvel wants it to end on a high note as it deserves.

The new season is expected to come out either in 2019 Fall or 2020 Winter. However, the premiers are expected to come out in 2020 Summer. The season being the final one will try to tie up every loose end for the series, while providing the show an ending it deserves.

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