How To Fix Roku Screen Mirroring Issue On Windows 10

Roku is amongst the best options available with amazing features, and one of these is its screen mirroring. Several users face the screen mirroring not connecting issue with Windows 10 system. Multiple reasons are responsible for this connectivity issue of screen mirroring of Roku with Windows 10 system. Here are the causes of this issue’s occurrence and how you can fix it.

Update Windows To Its Latest Version

It is amongst the main reasons why such connectivity issues occur in your Windows 10 system. Maybe the problem lies in the version of Windows software you are using and not in the Roku device. Windows 10 often gets updated with new and improved existing features on your system. If you are facing trouble connecting Roku screen mirroring with the Windows 10 system, then check if there’s an update available of the Windows version you are using. To do so, click on the Windows button available at the bottom left corner of the home screen and click on the power button available. By clicking on the power button, there will come an option of ‘update and restart’, click on the option, and the software automatically starts updating. Make sure your Windows laptop or PC is connected with a stable internet connection to get the latest version of Windows successfully.

Update the Wireless Network Driver

It is another reason responsible for this issue. Connecting Roku screen mirroring with Windows 10 system with an outdated wireless network adapter driver is not at all a good idea. Users barely think of that point, but outdated adapter driver usually causes such connectivity issues. To prevent this, press Windows key + R to open the Run Dialog box and type ‘devmgmt.msc’ to open the device manager. Scroll down the menu of Network Adaptors and right-click on the Wireless network adaptor and go for properties by choosing the context menu. Select the driver tab and update it. Restart the system and the issue will get resolved in no time.

Removing Roku from The Connected Devices

Removing devices from the connected devices list is an ideal method to resolve such connectivity issues. Sometimes your Roku device connection gets interrupted unexpectedly and causes such connectivity problem. If your problem matches with this scenario, then follow the steps to resolve the issue. Press Windows key + R to open the Run Dialog box and type ‘ms-settings: connected devices’ to open the connected devices tab from settings.

Once you see Bluetooth and other devices window, click on the other devices options to identify your Roku device connected. Remove it from the connected devices list and scroll back to the Add Bluetooth option available. Scan your Roku device’s name on the laptop’s Bluetooth menu and pair it with the laptop to connect it successfully. After connecting the Roku device again with your Windows 10 system, the issue will get resolved by itself in no time.

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