Best Upcoming Games on Xbox in 2020

Microsoft is all set to release its beastly series of video games on the Xbox gaming console in the year 2020 with the super-fast NVMe SSD able to reduce loading times along with retaining the UHD blue-ray drive for physical games and movies. The world-renowned Xbox gaming console is going to give you some fantastic and thrilling RPGs, including significant blockbusters to the experimental one with 8K resolution modes that support 120 frames per second. Microsoft is doing all the necessary innovations with its ally to make the games more thrilling and exciting, along with improving its technical aspects. Some of the most anticipated games on Xbox in the year 2020 are the following:-

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be introduced by CD Projekt RED, which has earned good fame for The Witcher series is now working on the secret project of Cyberpunk 2077. This role-playing game will be a science fiction that can be played in a vibrant and futuristic world from the perspectives of the first person. Cyberpunk 2077 has featured a variety of challenging situations along with dense cities where approaching is not only tricky but frightening too. This game will provide you a lot of customization options while combating. The plot of Cyberpunk is futuristic, where the use of augmented androids will be an integral part of the lives of people.


Wasteland 3 is a party-based role-playing game going to be released on Xbox gaming consoles in the year 2020. It has a complex story with strategic combat where we will start playing as a desert ranger who is fighting an almost lost battle only to keep his beloved Arizona alive. The tale of Wasteland 3 is engaging, enticing, and fascinating, where you can see the utilization of a dialogue system, which is new. The plot of this game has been set in the wildlands of frozen Colorado, where the conditions are so harsh that your survival is not going to be easy.


The game is upcoming in the year 2020, in which you have played as a white shark, which is enormous and very hungry also. Maneater will be an excellent role-playing game where you will play as a hungry shark ready to feed on humans anytime to satisfies his hunger. The game will give you the opportunity to explore through the seven large regions, including resort beaches, the open ocean, gulf coast, and industrial docks.

Empire of Sin

The tactical simulation game, Empire of Sin, is going to be introduced by Romero Games and Paradox Interactive in the year 2020, in which you will get the opportunity to build up the crime syndicate of your own. You will start playing as the gangster who is making his ways to take command of the underworld in the city. You will several combating facilities in this game to do battle with the warring factions of criminals. If you desire to be the winner in this game, then you should know to intimidate your enemies along with using the weapons provided in the game intelligently. You have to not only build your crime empire but also defend it and do all to expand the territories.

Iron Harvest

The plot of Iron Harvest is revolving around the post-industrial era of the year 1920 after the first world war when farmers everyday found bullets and unexploded ordnance while working in their fields. This game is based on a real-time strategy and can be played with multiple people also. The set of this game includes three factions which have nine heroes and a wide range of weapons. The players can make their planes, add fortifications if they want to protect their research and the units of production.

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